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Founded in 1992, Schemco is a 100% national company focused in the development and production of injection molded technical parts using engineering plastics.

The parts developed and injected by Schemco are present in several areas of industry: automotive, electrical, electronics, pharmaceutical, agricultural machinery, cleaning equipment, automation and construction.

With more than 700 built molds and more than 50 million molded parts produced each year, Schemco became a benchmark in the market when the subject is injected technical parts.

Currently, thousands of parts produced at our factory in Sao Paulo - Brazil, are present in hundreds of components exported to Europe, United States, Mexico, Canada and Israel.

Our main target as a company is working as an extension of our customers, providing an efficient and cost effective alternatives.

A perfect synergy among our customers and our internal know-how results in a fertile ground for the development of tailor-made products. So the relationship with our clients are generally long term and get stronger with time.

Our challenge as a company: innovate, create and invest in new market segments to increasingly open new fields of application for the use of engineering plastic parts.

The Result: final products with superior quality, a streamlined process, allowing a significant reduction of costs at all stages of development.

Whatever its segment, make sure: the Schemco is prepared to meet your needs and contribute to your success!


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